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Professional Staff

Chris E. Frisby, CPA, CVA

Chris has been a Certified Public Accountant and worked in public accounting for over 30 years.  He began Chris E. Frisby P.C. in 1983 and has been the owner of numerous other businesses.  Please refer to the below link to his CV which shows a more detailed description of those businesses and his work history.  His experience in accounting and entrepreneurship is vast and useful for the business person.  As a result, Chris E. Frisby P.C. is able to provide more than simple accounting services.

Chris is also an individual that is deeply interested in economics, tax policy and our country.  He is so interested that he wrote and published a book on the subjects by the name of Too Big to Bail Out.  Please go to www.balancedbudgetchallenge.com for more information.  Please order a copy of the book and/or take the Balanced Budget Challenge on the website.  We believe that you will obtain an insight to Chris’ exceptional and unbiased economic reasoning if you do so.  This same reasoning can be applied to your business at the highest level for an incredibly reasonable price.  We provide great value.

Michael P. Jayson, CPA, CFF

Mike has over 40 years of public accounting experience.